Working method / Team

As temperature often is a critical factor in a process our heat transfer specialists are often consulted for advise in the early stages of development of process plants or machine development.

Our team of sales engineers is well experienced in several types of industries and can advise you in heat transfer matters, best method of heating and integration in your application.

Our engineering team is able to translate your need into an industrial design to international standards. Our engineering makes use of the Inventor 3D modelling software you can easily integrate into your design.

As we find our background in the Oil- and Gas industry our engineering team is well adapted to the quality demands that come with the working for this industry in terms of design calculations and documentation requirements.

As quality is a subject that impacts all aspects of a company it is imperative we hold an ISO-9001 certification by TUV-Nord. This translates into strict procedures applied in our production, assembly and test- and Inspection departments, thus ensuring the highest level of quality for our end products.

Sinus Jevi is familiar in working with external quality inspection agency’s such as Lloyds, Bureau Veritas and others.