Quality Policy

Quality Objectives & Policy

The Sinus Jevi mission statement encompasses the quality objectives to develop, manufacture and market electric technical heating solutions that comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements and fulfil the customer requirements.

It is a requirement in our daily lives to apply the quality management system to produce the desired equipment with high quality, innovation and productivity in mind.

The products and services supplied by Sinus Jevi must be of high and consistent quality, so that the customer perceives it as an essential asset to do business our company.

Our customers must be able to obtain information about the functioning of our products and its limitations so that there is a basis to select the right product for the right application.

Environmental Objective & Policy

Sinus Jevi supply environmentally sound products, and therefore make demands on our business partners and ourselves. We make sure that our working conditions are safe for our employees and that the environment will not be burdened.

We are open and transparent in the information provided to our employees and stakeholders.

Sinus Jevi has a responsibility to adhere to laws and requirements within the environmental area, work on continuous improvement and effectively use the natural resources and reduce risks.

Our ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 certificates have been issued by Bureau Veritas. For the design and production of Ex equipment we have been certified by LCIE.

Our certificates are:

ISO 9001  
Sinus Jevi Electric Heating B.V. is ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas.
ISO 14001
Sinus Jevi Electric Heating B.V. is ISO 14001 certified by Bureau Veritas.
ATEX 94/9/EC
Sinus Jevi Electric Heating B.V. is also ATEX 94/9/EC certified.