Radiant Heaters type TA,

Infratemper radiant heaters are cost effective and produce efficient heating due to the special properties of infrared radiation. The rays do not heat the air but only the objects and persons affected by the heat rays. Radiant heaters are also suitable and cost effective in connection with indoor use for local heating of e.g. workroom, bathroom as well as heating of


The heater is placed thus only the used area is heated. If possible it is recommended to mount several heaters so that the heat is given off from several sides. It is also recommended to mount the heaters so that the heat rays are coming from the coldest direction, e.g. thus the heaters are pointed towards the wall at the terrace. See also the installation unstruction.

The necessary output depends on the installation height, air temperature and duration of the stay, i.e. a high installation height, low surrounding temperature and long stay requires a high output. An installation height of 2 m, an air temperature of 15°C and a 2 hour stay requires an output of 500-750 Watt/m².


TA – an universal Infratemper radiant heater for both indoor and outdoor use. The heater is made of electroplated steel plate covered with polyester powder paint. The reflector is made of mirror finished anodised aluminium. The TA series is splash-proof and is therefore suitable for outdoor use.

TA-R – an adjustable Infratemper radiant heater suitable at places where it is desirable to regulate the output. The two heating elements in connection with the built-in switch enables regulation of the heat with 1/4, 1/2 and 1/1 output and is therefore cost effective.

IHS – Infratemper radiant heater is made of stainless steel and surface coated aluminium. The IHS series is IP54 and is thus suitable for application in e.g. the fishing and canning industry, at dairies and abattoirs.

We recommend that you contact our sales department
before using the standard radiant heaters for industrial
Special models with quartz glass infrared elements in short-, medium- or long-wave lengths and stainless steel elements can be supplied with adapted constructions and output.
The heaters are made of a stainless steel high-polish-finished reflector, provided with a stainless steel infra-red element,
assemled in a water-proof connection box (IP54).



Types of this product

Type Output Voltage Length Article number EAN code
TA-50 500 Watt 230 Volt 725 mm 424 050 230A 8715179004422
TA-100 1000 Watt 230 Volt 1215 mm 424 100 230B 8715179004439
TA-150 1500 Watt 230 Volt 1785 mm 424 150 230B 8715179004446
TA-200 2000 Watt 230 Volt 2215 mm 424 200 230A 8715179004453
TA-R 100 1000 Watt 230 Volt 725 mm 424 100 230C 8715179004460
IHS-100 1000 Watt 230 Volt 925 mm 424 100 230A 8715179004477
IHS-150 1500 Watt 230 Volt 1230 mm 424 150 230A 8715179004484
TA-50 500 Watt 400 Volt 725 mm 424 050 400A 8715179004491
TA-100 1000 Watt 400 Volt 1215 mm 424 100 400A 8715179004507
TA-150 1500 Watt 400 Volt 1785 mm 424 150 400A 8715179004514
TA-200 2000 Watt 400 Volt 2215 mm 424 200 400A 8715179004521
TA-R 100 1000 Watt 400 Volt 725 mm 424 100 400B 8715179004538