Immersion Heaters type I.S.

Screw type elements are assembled from 3 main components: The heating element (tubular element), the screw connection and the connection box. The tubular elements are by means of TIG welding or soldering mounted in the screw coupling. By this method a compact heating element is created with an optimum heat transfer to the medium.



The elements are especially designed for the heating of potable water.
For correct operation, the heating element must be screwed direct into the reservoir. To prevent damage to the element, an application should be made to prevent the element in operation to be running “dry”. The temperature of the medium to be heated can be set with an adjustable thermostat, which is optionally available. If this option is not used, an external safety provision is required.

Applicable only in non-hazardous areas.


Screw type elements are used for the heating of water, oil and an array of other fluid or gaseous media.
The elements can be delivered wit- or without temperature control and/or safety in the connection box. For the most common applications we run a line of standardised screw type heating elements. A line of explosion proof elements is available also.

Types of this product

Type Immersion length Power Star configuration (3 x 400 Volt) Power Delta configuration (max. 3 x 400 Volt) Ohmic resistance each tube element Article number EAN code
 IS 2510 250 mm 1000 Watt 3000 Watt 158 Ω 560 250 1000A 8715179003616
IS 3515 350 mm  1500 Watt 4500 Watt 102 Ω 560 350 1500A 8715179003623
IS 5020 500 mm 2000 Watt 6000 Watt 80 Ω 560 500 2000A 8715179003630
IS 7530 750 mm 3000 Watt 9000 Watt 53 Ω 506 750 3000A 8715179003647
      Overview I.S. series thermostats
 Type Temperature range Number of switching contacts Maximum switching power per contact Temperature sensor Article number EAN code
T40 0 – 40°C 3 16A – 400 V AC Ø6 x 215 mm 560 0000 040A 8715179003654
T85 30 – 85°C 3 16A – 400 V AC Ø6 x 130 mm 560 0000 085A 8715179003661
T110 30 – 110 3 16A – 400 V AC Ø6 x 140 mm 560 0000 110A 8715179003678