Explosion Proof Immersion Heaters
type D-8530

For hazardous areas, Sinus Jevi has developed explosion proof Ex ’de’ heating equipment, designed and manufactured in
accordance with EN-IEC 60079-0, EN-IEC 60079-1, EN
60079-7 and EN-IEC 60079-31 certified by the independent testing institute ISSeP. The certificates cover zone 1 and zone 2 for hazardous areas.
Gas groups II A, II B and II C and temperature classes T6-T1. Dust group Ex tb IIIC zone 21.

The flame-proof (d) enclosures have been designed for hazardous areas to protect the environment against gas-explosions, caused by sparking by electrical connections of the heating

elements and control devices. Several types of immersion heaters, flanged or screwed, have been described on the next pages.

The screwed types for dimensions up to 3”.
The terminal enclosures have a IP66 degree of protection.

All heaters are standard internal wired on terminals.

If cable entry exceeds 70°C, high temperature cables must be used. The required minimum distance between enclosure and connection flange, to ensure the temperature limit in the
enclosure, is listed in the following table as a function of
temperature classes (page 5).
The robust flame proof Ex d IIC enclosure IP66 is made of
steel or stainless steel.
With earth, screwed terminal cover and finished in epoxy paint.
Enclosure with a maximum of 3 cable entries (M20 x 1.5).

Marking ATEX Ex II 2 G D
Ex d IIC T6-T1 Gb EN/IEC 60079-1
Ex tb IIIC T110°C Db EN/IEC 60079-31


Suitable for heating of fluids both liquids and gases and also solids. The heater consists of a certified flameproof enclosure D-8530.

The flame-proof enclosure has been built up out of a seamless body, a top cover and base plate. Each cover and base plate has been provided with 6 screw thread windings with a total length of 18 mm. The connection length of the threaded joint between cover or base plate and body should always be 5 thread windings minimum. The cover has been locked with an M4 screw and the base plate with an M6 screw. In the base plate of the enclosure spacer tubes can be welded in which the heating elements are brazed or welded.

Technical Specification

The heater range D-8530 type EX-DS and EX-FS consist of a metal tube (casing) which encloses a ceramic heating element with high quality 80/20 Nickel Chrome resistance wire.
Diameter of the tubes are from Ø30mm till Ø54mm. Secured by either brazing or welding depending upon the process application.
An advantage of this construction is:
* An easy exchange of the retractable ceramic heating element
* A wide range of possibilities in choice of materials for the metal tube (all sorts of alloys, strengths and thicknesses) depending upon the process application.

The screwed types for dimensions up to 3”.
The terminal enclosures have a IP66 degree of protection.
Standard the enclosure is coated with two layers, a zinc silicate primer and a top coating. Other coatingsystems on request.

All heaters are standard internal wired on terminals.

Temperature class Distance enclosure to the heater
T6 85°C 50 mm
T5 100°C 75 mm
T4 135°C 100 mm
T3 200°C 150 mm
T2 300°C 200 mm
T1 450°C 250 mm

Types of this product

Flame-proof immersion heaters with retractable ceramic core elements.
Single or multi core heaters. For horizontal installation (vertical installation available on request).
The ceramic core elements can be withdrawn for inspection or replacement without having to drain the system.

– Ambient temperature -30°C – +50°C (-50°C … +50°C on request)
– The maximum allowable voltage is 690 Volt.

The immersion heaters are available with flange connection as well as with a screw plug.