Finned Tube Heaters type WD-H SS

Finned Tube Heaters Type WD-H SS

Stainless steel finned tube heaters are designed for industrial application.
The heaters are suitable for use in corrosive areas such as: filling stations, pump houses, water purification installations or storage areas.

The tube is made of stainless steel (AISI 409). Proofing IP66/IP67.

Type TR is supplied with built-up thermostat, adjustable between +5°C to +30°C.
Type ST is suplied with built-up step-controller: 1/3, 1/2 and full power.

Finned Tube Heaters type WD-H/GG-H

Finned Tube Heaters type WD-H/GG-H

Our WD-H finned-tube heaters are designed for industrial application. Because of their high level of reliability, they are especially suitable for all heating applications at an ambient temperature of up to 60°C. Due to the fact that their construction is in accordance with IP65, they are also suitable for damp areas. The heaters must be installed by skilled personnel. Because of the high surface temperature, they are not suitable for rooms containing inflammable materials and in areas with a possible risk of explosion.
The heater contains a ceramic element, standard is 230V single phase.
The connection box is robust and can substain high temperatures.
It is possible to insert a second cable gland into the connection box, this will allow for the connection with a room thermostat. A room thermostat (IP22; 0-30°C) may also be placed on the lid of the connection box (in a dry environment).