Hot-Air Blower type THK 18

Yellow, epoxy hot air cannon with built-in room thermostat with a connection for an external room thermostat.
The THK18 is waterproof IP44.
To improve mobility , equipped with trolley and handle.
Designed to work with flexible tubes.
A plug with 5 pin connection socket is included.

Technical data
Type THK 18
Output 18kW
Current intensity 26A
Connection voltage 3×400 Volt – 50 Hz
Control possibilities 9kW / 18kW
Air volume 1700 m³/h
Temperature adjustability Built-in thermostat
Weight 26 kg
Ventilator diameter 300 mm
Dimensions Width 437 mm
                   Length 836 mm
                   Height 552 mm
Protection class IP44
Article number 745 021 0001A
EAN code 8715179007430
Flexipipe 5 metre 732 000 002A
Flexipipe 10 metre 732 000 003A