Fremix Inkmixer

Mixing small quantities of ink quickly and effortlessly

From now on you do not have to keep so many secondary colours in stock. For with the Fremix you can effortlessly mix colours and additives.

Sinus Jevi Fremix ink mixers are ideal for mixing small quantaties of ink (up to 5 kg). The ink can itself is used as mixing hopper. Quickly and effortlessly a good, uniform mix without air bubbles.

Components can be weighed directly in the can. Suitable for vacuum cans of 1 and 2.5 kg, can be modified for screw cans up to 5 kg. The Fremix is driven by a compact electric motor with continuous rpm control. A fixed speed version is available as well (70 rpm). Dimensions 290 x 425 x 180 mm, weight 18 kg.

Accessories for vacuum cans

The Fremix ink mixer is delivered with a holder in which standard vacuum cans of 2,5kg and 5kg can be placed.
This holder is suitable for standard ink cans from manufacturers.
For other manufacturers or deviating dimensions of the ink cans we can supply a customized holder.

With the fremix you have to order seperately the stirring spoon. You can choose from a stirring spoon type D for 2.5 kg or type C for 5kg ink cans.
If you want to mix the ink in both 2.5 and 5 kg vacuum cans, you need to order both spoons.

Accessories for straight cans

The Fremix is delivered with a magnetic disk and a set of rings for clamping the straight ink cans. By using the rings you can place 1 kg, 2.5 kg and 5 kg ink cans on the ink mixer.

Seperately you have to order the stirring spoon. The stirring spoon type B can be used to mix the ink in the 1 kg and 2.5 kg cans.
For a homogeneous mixing of the ink in the 5 kg can you need the larger stirring spoon type A.
When ordering, you must specify which stirring spoon you want. So if you want mix the ink in the 2,5kg and in the 5kg can, you must order them both.