Flat Panel Radiators type FPR

A number of reasons for choosing our panel radiators:

• Power is equally devided across the entire active area.
• Easy installation, maintenance free and long life.
• Pleasant warmth, no fire hazard.
• Noiseless when in use, no moving parts.
• Frost-proof, no frost-sensitive components are present.
• Easy adjustable, heater can be accurately controlled by means of an electronic (PID) controller.
• The low surface temperature is suitable for placement in person accessible areas.


Sinus-Jevi type FPR panel radiators are ultra-slim electric (convection) radiators for space heating. They are suitable for being countersunk mounted. Due to the fully flat surface there are no protrusions at the front. Therefore in particular suitable in clean (hygenic) areas. The radiator can be integrated perfectly into the current (modern) architecture, where ”clean” design is an issue. The panel radiator features an adjustable thermostat and fixed setpoint thermal protection. The average surface temperature is about 60°C at an ambient temperature of 20°C. The FPR is meant to be controlled by an external room temperature control system (e.g. a room thermostat).


The panel radiator type FPR consists of a steel plate (St.37) containing the thermostats as well as the polyester heating elements.
Finish: Heat resistant coating RAL 9001.
The elements consists of polyester insulation with brass resistance traces in between. The heating elements have been pasted by means of a self-adhesive layer on the metal radiator plate. A capillair thermostat (range: 30°C… 110°C) is mounted at the backside to limit the surface temperature. There’s a fixed set thermal protection which switches off the heater when the panel temperature rises above 90°C.
These radiators are produced on request only.

Types of this product

Type Output Voltage Length (A) Height (B) Length (C) Height (D) Length (E) Article number
FPR 1000 MK V 1000 Watt
(2×500 Watt)
230 V AC 1180 mm 580 mm 1200 mm 600 mm 590 mm 929 010 230A
FPR 1300 MK V 1300 Watt
(2×650 Watt)
230 V AC 1880 mm 580 mm 1900 mm 600 mm 940 mm 929 013 230A

The types as mentioned above are also available in other voltages, outputs and dimensions.