Flame-Proof Water Boilers type SWH ES

Flame-proof Storage Water Heater for vertical floor standing installation (for horizontal floor standing: SWH EL)

For storage of mains water Sinus Jevi Electric Heating manufacture 4 types of storage water heaters. The water tank is made of a steel vessel, with an internal layer of copper to protect against corrosion.


The outer casing is made from robust plastic-coated galvanized steel sheet.The pressure vessel is designed and manufactured in accordance with current pressure standards (PED 2014/68/EU) for a maximum working pressure of 9 bar (0.9 MPa), which is the equivalent to calculated pressure of 10 bar (1.0 MPa). Thermal insulation is provided by seamless Freon – free polyurethane insulation, ensuring excellent thermal performance.


Ex de II C T4 Gb – Ex II 2 G

The model SWH ES 500 is fitted with a lifting eye. The heater is intended for vertical floor standing installation. The flanged flame proof heater is made of stainless steel with a carbon coated enclosure with brass cable glands. Heating elements made of Incoloy 825. Standard 80 mm diameter flanged immersion heater can be easily fitted or removed, and the size of the hole facilitate internal inspection of the vessel. The unit is supplied with a maximum temperature thermostat with manual reset and a water temperature thermostat till 85°C

Types of this product

Type SWH ES 160 SWH ES 210 SWH ES 300
Content 160 litres 210 litres 300 litres
Capacity 6 kW 6 kW 6 kW
Voltage 3×400 V AC* 3×400 V AC* 3×400 V AC*
Height 980 mm 1210 mm 1380 mm
Diameter Ø600 mm Ø600 mm Ø600 mm
Control range 30 – 85°C 30 – 85°C 30 – 85°C
Ambient temperature -30 – +50°C -30 – +50°C -30 – +50°C
Heating time 6 kW up to 70°C 2.1 hours 2.7 hours 3.9 hours
Max. thermostat 110°C 110°C 110°C
Protection IP66 IP66 IP66
Nett weight 70 kg 90 kg 115 kg
Pressure vessel PED 2014/68/EU PED 2014/68/EU PED 2014/68/EU
Marking Ex de IIC T4 Gb Ex de IIC T4 Gb Ex de IIC T4 Gb
Article number

* Other voltages on request