Flame-Proof Water Boilers type HWB

For storage of mains water Sinus Jevi Electric Heating manufactures 3 types of hot water boilers for wall mounting, provided with a flame proof immersion heater type D8640.


The inner parts vessel of the boiler is performed of stainless steel EN1.4521 (AISI 444). The pressure vessel is designed and manufactured in accordance with the current pressure vessel standard (PED 2014/68 EU), for a maximum working pressure of 9 bar (0.9 MPa), which is the equivalent to a design pressure of 10 bar (1.0 MPa).


The outer part is of a coated steel with a grey synthetic material bottom and lid.
Provided with a maximum temperature thermostat with manual reset and a water temperature thermostat till 80°C.
The heating elements are manufactured of high quality Nickel Chrome resistance wire compacted in Magnesium Oxide insulating powder and encased in Incoloy 825 metal sheath.
Terminal enclosure steel coated with brass cable glands.

Types of this Product

Type HWB 35 HWB 55 HWB 100
Content 35 Litres 55 Litres 100 Litres
Capacity 3 kW 3 kW 3 kW
Voltage 230 V AC 230 V AC 230 V AC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 715 x 467 x 455 mm 900 x 467 x 455 mm 1270 x 467 x 455 mm
Control range 30 – 85°C 30 – 85°C 30 – 85°C
AMbient temperature -30 – +50°C -30 – +50°C -30 – +50°C
Heating time 3kW up to 70°C 0.8 hours 1.5 hours 2.7 hours
Max. thermostat 110°C 110°C 110°C
Protection IP66 IP66 IP66
Insulation CFC free CFC free CFC free
Pressure vessel PED 2014/68 EU PED 2014/68 EU PED 2014/68 EU
Marking Ex d IIC T4 Gb Ex d IIC T4 Gb Ex d IIC T4 Gb
Article number

* Other capacities on request