Fan Heaters type WBG

Our WBG air heaters have been designed for industrial application. Because of their high reliability, they are especially suitable for all heating applications at an ambient temperature of up to 35°C.
As the WBG’s construction is in accordance with protection class IP44, it is also suitable for use in damp spaces (spray-proof). Because of the low surface temperature, it is suitable for use in places of easy access. However, it is not to be used in spaces containing flammable or combustible materials. The heater is made of stainless steel tubular elements, in 3-phase construction. It is designed for durability. The WBG can also be connected 1 phase.Connection is via a cable gland at the back. As standard, these air heaters are provided with a group switch, preheating and lag control and have a connection for an external room thermostat.


For industrial application in drying rooms, as frost protection, in engine rooms, work shops and so forth. They can also be used as a domestic appliances in garages, cellars, offices, etc.

Standard Voltages

3×400 Volt AC 3 phase, 50 Hz.


WBG air heaters consist of a steel housing, containing closed tubular elements, along which the built-in fan blows air. In order to distribute warmth evenly, they have a high air-output. This also gives the heaters their high drying capacity.
These heaters are delivered with a universal bracket, allowing them to be mounted on the floor, the wall or the ceilling.


A durable layer of red epoxy paint for the housing and a layer of black epoxy paint for the bracket. The air heater is spray-proof (IP44)

Types of this product

Type WBG 6 WBG 9 WBG 12 WBG 15
Output 6 kW 9 kW 12 kW 15 kW
Connection Voltage 3 x 400 Volt
Current Intensity 3 x 8,7 A 3 x 13 A 3 x 17,4 A 3 x 21,7 A
Control Possibilities 3 – 6 kW 4,5 – 9 kW 6 – 12 kW 7,5 – 15 kW
Temperature adjustability external thermostat*
Air Volume 650 m³/h 1300 m³/h
Temperature increase 25°C 38°C 25°C 32°C
Weight 16,5 kg 17 kg
Dimensions Width 430 mm
                 Depth 360 mm
                 Height 500 mm
Max. height incl. bracket 565 mm
Article number 762 098 0640A 762 098 0940A 762 098 1240A 762 098 1540A
EAN code 8715179003494 8715179003500 8715179003517 8715179003524

*Not included