Fan Heaters type TVI

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Sinus Jevi fan heaters are characterized mainly by their quality, both in used materials and design. A heat efficiency of 100% from the supplied energy is being achieved without odor, noise, refill, loss or malfunctions. Fan heaters and hot-air blowers have a large air capacity. Therefore large spaces can be heated at the same time. They supply 100% dry and clean air without flue gases and are therefore harmless to humans and animals also in unventilated spaces. Since there is no open fire they are absolutely fire proof and require little maintenance.


The TVI is a mobile heater and fit with a black bracket. Wall mounting is also possible due to the wall bracket which is included. The TVI has a built-in control thermostat, can be switched in several steps and is spray proof IPX4.


Sinus Jevi electrical heaters are manufactured according IEC standards and consist of a galvanized steel casing which is spray proof IPX4 and has a durable layer of yellow epoxy paint. This provides a double protection against rust. The heating elements have a stainless steel sheath.

Types of this product

Technical Data Fan Heaters
Output 3 kW (1,5 – 3) 5 kW (2,5 – 5) 9 kW (4,5 – 9) 12 kW (6 – 12)
Current Intensity 13A 3 x 7,2A 3 x 13A 3 x 17,3A
Connection Voltage (V AC) 230 Volt 3 x 400 Volt 3 x 400 Volt 3 x 400 Volt
Control Possibilities 1 speed 2 speed 2 speed 2 speed
Temperature increase 38°C 58°C 63°C 48°C
Temperature adjustability built-in thermostat built-in thermostat built-in thermostat built-in thermostat
Air Volume 400 m³/h 400/450 m³/h 620/670 m³/h 1100/1350 m³/h
Weight 5,5 kg 7,2 kg 11,3 kg 16,4 kg
Dimensions  Width 250 mm 250 mm 350 mm 400 mm
                   Depth 320 mm 320 mm 410 mm 510 mm
                   Height 370 mm 370 mm 470 mm 540 mm
Article number 752 001 0301A 752 001 0503A 752 001 0903A 752 001 1203A
EAN code 8715179003913 8715179003920 8715179003937 8715179003944