Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Finned Tube Heaters type ERB

The Sinus Jevi D8500 gas and dust explosion-proof finned-tube heater has rolled-in ribs, similar to the standard finned-tube heaters. The heating element is composed of stacked stones. The Sinus Jevi explosion-proof finned tube heaters are ISSeP approved and comply with the norms laid down in the European Norms (European Standards) EN-IEC-60079-0 and EN-IEC-60079-31.
The pressure-resistant construction is approved for gas groups I, IIA, IIB and IIC. Safety from explosion is ensured by a flame proof construction with direct connection (construction d), a maximum surface temperature of 200°C at an ambient temperature of 40°C and a screw lid, whereby the leakage path complies with the requirements laid down for  (connection) boxes of the IIC class. Therefore, the Sinus Jevi explosion-proof finned-tube heater is in line with temperature class T3 and, in accordance with the Norms, it is provided with the reference mark Ex db IIC T3 Gb and Ex tb IIIC T200°C Db.
Through reduction of output, a flame proof construction with a maximum surface temperature of 135°C is obtained, thus meeting the requirements of temperature class T4. Class T4 is provided with reference mark Ex db IIC T4 Gb and Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db. 230 Volt.


The Sinus Jevi explosion-proof finned-tube heaters can be used for heating areas where all possible gases or vapours may be present; for example: on oil/gas rigs, in the chemical and petrochemical industries and areas where combustible and/or inflammable products are stored. On mounting, we recommend that you read the installation manual.
The explosion-proof finned-tube heaters can be regulated by means of an explosion-proof thermostat, type ERT-10.


° Steel flame proof construction.
° Especially suitable for environments with hazardous gases or vapours, which are able to  explode or ignite spontaneously.
° Max. surface temperature 135°C at an ambient temperature +40°C
° EN-IEC-60079-1 Ex II 2G Ex db IIC T3 or T4 Gb
° EN-IEC-60079-31 Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T200°C or T135°C Db
° IP 66
° 230 Volt standard max. 690 Volt/18 Amp.
° Brass cable gland M20x1,5 (not included)

Types of this product

Type Article number T3 Output T3 EAN code Type Article number T4 Output T4 EAN code Voltage Total
length (A)
 ERB  5 T3 RVS B240 510 300 300 Watt 8715179006303 ERB 5 T4 RVS B245 510 150 150 Watt 8715179006570 230 Volt 650 mm
 ERB  7 T3 RVS B240 710 450 450 Watt 8715179006327 ERB 7 T4 RVS B245 710 230 230 Watt 8715179006594 230 Volt 850 mm
 ERB 10 T3 RVS B241 010 675 675 Watt 8715179006358 ERB 10 T4 RVS B246 010 350 350 Watt 8715179006624 230 Volt 1150 mm
 ERB 13 T3 RVS B241 130 930 930 Watt 8715179006389 ERB 13 T4 RVS B246 310 470 470 Watt 8715179006655 230 Volt 1450 mm
 ERB 19 T3 RVS B241 911 520 1520 Watt 8715179006440 ERB 19 T4 RVS B246 910 700 700 Watt 8715179006716 230 Volt 2050 mm
 ERB 25 T3 RVS B242 512 000 2000 Watt 8715179006501 ERB 25 T4 RVS B247 510 950 950 Watt 8715179006778 230 Volt 2650 mm
 ERB 30 T3 RVS B243 012 400 2400 Watt 8715179006556 ERB 30 T4 RVS B248 011 150 1150 Watt 8715179006822 230 Volt 3150 mm