Elstein Ceramic Emitters

The applications with ceramic emitters from Elstein are very varied. Due to the modular construction of these emitters, we can make heating panels in all dimensions. These type of heating panels are used a lot in the plastics processing industry. The panels are developed and made by ourselves based on customer specifications, whereby we only use heat-resistant materials. This allows us to guarantee you a custom made, reliable and safe heating system. By adapting the shape of the panels to your machine, they can often be built into existing production lines without any problems. If the installation space for the heating fields for assembly can be a problem, we may be able to advise you to come to a solution together with you.

Some examples of production processes for which we have supplied these panels are:

  • Various production lines executed for making plastic conveyor belts
  • Heating panels specially developed and supplied by us for the production of rubber tires
  • Preheating for welding pieces at 200 ° C for the automation of robot welding
  • Production line for baking waffles
  • Space heating in the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital
  • Removing water in the production of paper
  • Plastic heat for distortion
  • Shrinking of foil
  • Processing / heating PVC