Cartridge Heating Elements type “S.J.”

Cartridge heating elements consist of a ceramic heating element which is mounted in a heat transfer tube and are provided with cable or connection box.


Cartridge heating elements are primarily used for indirect heating of water, liquids, oil products, ovens and machines. This installation method is an advantage when using direct heating as the heating element can be replaced without emptying the vessel.Cartridge heating elements are also a perfect solution for heating oil and bitumen, as the medium may burn onto the surface of the heating elements due to the high temperatures created during direct heating. By using a tube it is also possible to achieve a large surface for heat distribution and therefore to install a high output.


When dimensioning the heating element it is important to pay attention to the medium to be heated, as the ability to absorb heat varies per medium.

The heat transfer tube is usually made of stainless steel, AISI 304 or AISI 316, but other materials are possible on request.

The table below includes our standard range and gives an indication of guiding load values and connections.

Ceramic blocks Outer pipe (+/-) Guiding load per 50 mm block
Air Oil Water
Ø 26.0 mm Ø 30.0 mm 45 Watt 90 Watt 185 Watt
Ø 32.0 mm Ø 38.0 mm 55 Watt 110 Watt 225 Watt
Ø 39.0 mm Ø 44.5 mm* 65 Watt 130 Watt 265 Watt
Ø 45.0 mm Ø 52.0 mm** 77 Watt 155 Watt 310 Watt

* 1½” BSP
** 2″ BSP