Band Heaters

Band heaters are elements with different diameters and heights, designed to heat and to maintain the temperature of cylindrical parts.
Heat transfer is usely achieved by conduction or by radiation for high power heaters. They are suitable for solid heating as well as for liquids or gases heating.


The applications for band heaters are various: they can be fitted to nozzles or extruder barrels, used to process plastics or today’s materials such as resins which require high temperature or for heating conducts.
They can also be used in plastic injection, moulding as the process of materials requires high heating power and high temperatures.


Sinus-Jevi band heaters combine lightness, compactness and are used in applications requiring fast temperature rises.

Besides a wide range of standard sizes our technology offers multiple combinations of wiring and clamping systems.
Standard band heaters are available as specific products and perfectly suit your requirements thanks to the addition of holes and cutouts, various options and/or of thermal insulation material, in order to reduce heat losses.