Fan Heater type TXI

Cost effective electric fan heater type TXI is suitable for light industrial use and other less demanding applications. These heaters are especially convenient for mobile use.


The fan-heaters are ideally suited for heating small- and medium-sized premises such as living rooms, workshops, garages, shops, storerooms, summer cottages, etc. Even larger premises, such as greenhouses, sports- and factory facilities can, by using or combining several fan heaters, be sufficiently heated. TXI fan-heaters are manufactured and approved according to current European standards.


TXI fan heaters are produced with coated steel cabinets and with insulated safety handles. Stainless steel tubular heating elements ensure reliable and efficient heat transfer to the air flow. The fan motors do not require any specific maintenance. Both a control thermostat and safety thermostat with manual reset are a part of the heater design. With the aid of a rotary switch it is possible to select the operation mode: heater off, fan only, half power or full power. Model TXI 90 has the possibility to select between 3 power modes: 3 kW, 6 kW and 9 kW. More technical details can be found in the table below.

TXI 33 is equipped with 2 metres power cable including a (230 VAC / 50 Hz) Schuko plug. The other models have to be connected to the mains with an external mains connection cable.

Types of this product

TXI Fan Heaters
Type TXI 33 TXI  50 TXI  90 TXI 150
Power 1.65/3.3 kW 2.5/5 kW 3/6/9 kW 7.5/15 kW
Current 14.3 A 7.2 A 13.5 A 21.6 A
Supply voltage 230 Volt / 50 Hz 3×400 Volt / 50 Hz 3×400 Volt / 50 Hz 3×400 Volt / 50 Hz
Mains Connection 2m cable with Schuko plug surface  mounted CEE plug 5P / 16A surface  mounted CEE plug 5P / 16A surface  mounted CEE plug 5P / 32A
Operation modes Off / fan only / half
power / full power
Off / fan only / half
power / full power
Off / fan only / ⅓ power ⅔ power / full power Off / fan only / half
power / full power
Temperature controller built-in thermostat built-in thermostat built-in thermostat built-in thermostat
Air volume flow 400 m³/h 400 m³/h 700 m³/h 1300 m³/h
Weight 7.5 kg 8 kg 10 kg 15.5 kg
Enclosure colour yellow yellow yellow yellow
Fan diameter 230 mm 230 mm 254 mm 300 mm
Dimensions Width 250 mm 250 mm 350 mm 350 mm
               Depth 250 mm 250 mm 330 mm 440 mm
                   Height 420 mm 420 mm 480 mm 600 mm
Protection degree IP44 IP44 IP44 IP44
Article number 753 001 0201A 753 001 0503A 753 001 0903A 753 001 1503A
EAN code 8715179007218 8715179007225 8715179007232 8715179007249